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glitter bling bling....


Chic embroidered with shimmering, high-quality glitter threads. With this, the name of your horse shines at you from afar.


Here, too, you have the opportunity to choose between countless possible combinations and color variants to make your upholstery unique. 

Sparkly embroidered

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  • The embroidery has a maximum dimension of 5 cm x 25 cm and is professionally transferred to your upholstery with high-quality glitter polyester embroidery thread.

    The upholstery consists of a polyethylene padding on the inside and is covered with a colorful artificial leather cover. Thanks to the closed outer shell, no dirt can get into the upholstery, which extends the life of the upholstery and simplifies cleaning.

    The pads fit the chest and breech bars of most major manufacturers with a circumference of approx. 15-16cm, such as:

    • Bockmann
    • Westphalia
    • Cheval Liberte
    • Humbaur (without existing, ergonomic upholstery!)
    • Ifor Williams
    • ...

    The inner diameter of the padding is approx. 4.9 cm. If you are unsure about the diameter of your breast and breech bars, feel free to let us knowcontact formWrite to.

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