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economy sets! Save up to €4!


1 x cleaning spray + 1 x cleaning wipes

2 x cleaning spray + 3 x cleaning wipes


The specially developed cleaning for your trailer upholstery. Cleans gently and efficiently
the imitation leather cover, as well as the embroidery.


Always clean and hygienic upholstery for the next safe journey with your darling and your horse trailer.


Alcohol-free, incl. cleaning cloth, ideal for your cleaning case and your glove compartment!



Also note our set sizes, as well as our cleaning cloths and our cleaning spray!

Upholstery cleaner economy sets

Sales Tax Included
  • Spray the dirty areas with the cleaning spray or rub them off with the cleaning cloth. Rub with a damp cleaning cloth and let dry.
    For the imitation leather cover and the embroidery.

    The embroidery withgentleclean print.

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